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Gokula Education Foundation (GEF) made its entry into the sphere of education in the year 1962.


To enrich and strengthen the qualities of individuals to face the challenges of competitive world.


To create a nurturing ground for a dynamic youth by providing a holistic education that encompasses global excellence.


  • The 1st PUC College will commence on June 1, 2024.

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To build future doctors, dentists and agriculture engineers. To reward the nation with best Pharmacologists and Best Teachers.
The most important aspect of Computer Science is problem solving, an essential skill for life.
Electronics is an interesting subject and is the every base of information and computer age as represented by Artificial intelligence and ultra high speed, massively parallel computers.


Commerce must have a natural liking to work with numbers data, information theory and analysis. Most of the subjects taught in commerce are new to students.
Commerce must have a natural liking to work with numbers data, information theory and analysis. Most of the subjects taught in commerce are new to students.
Commerce must have a natural liking to work with numbers data, information theory and analysis. Most of the subjects taught in commerce are new to students.



Well Qualified and Dedicated Faculties.

Laboratories & Library

Well equipped laboratories and extensive library.

Extra Coaching classes

Extra coaching classes for slow learners.

CCTV Surveillance

All class rooms and labs are under CCTV Surveillance


M.S.Ramaiah Composite Pre-university College is one of the best institutions that I could have chosen for myself, Because the environment in the college is very condusive for learning and it has also given some of the best platforms for me showcase my talent in culture, sports and other activities.

- Punya V, Second PCMC

I Feel extremely proud when I tell people that I am from M.S.Ramaiah Composite Pre-university College, the institution that has groomed some of the best comedians in the country like Kanan Gill and even the IAS Topper of 2017 batch and various others like them. It has given me the best of academic environment to give my best shot and achieve my goals.

- Sourav S Shetty, Second PCMB

The Pride of Ramaiah - Alumni Speak

The two years I spent at M S Ramaiah Pre University College has added an immense value to my educational profile.  I am grateful to all the faculty members of the institution and I am proud to be a part of the Ramaiah alumni fraternity.

- Abhilash Vakkada Ramachandran, Alumni - 2009
PhD scholar, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden, part of Mars on-board Exo Mars 2020

I will always cherish the time spent at M S Ramaiah PU College. It holds a special place in my heart, so I am thankful for the opportunity. We learn more apart from academics. The discipline emphasises on extra-curricular activities, sporting events and most importantly a pleasant atmosphere. The faculty does an amazing job to get the best out of every student. My experience has been good and always will be my highest recommendation.

- Mohammed Junaid, Alumni - 2010
Material Service Manager

One of the most interesting stages of my life that gave me an opportunity to explore my interest and to kick-start basics for my career after SSLC/10th, it is the "Pre University College" phase. My experience at M.S.Ramaiah Composite PU College has helped me to find my strength and has motivated me to pursue my higher education in the field of engineering which has now turned out to be my career.

- Chetan, Alumni - 2010
Model based design engineer, Mercedes Benz R&D

Some of my closest friends in life today are those I met in my years at M.S Ramaiah PU College.  Once you finish High School, the time spent in Pre-University is like the first step into adulthood & responsibility. In hindsight, the two years went by a little too quickly for me but I'm grateful for my time at MSRPUC. The experience has molded me into the person I am today. Whether it is my involvement in the many (all) cultural activities that influenced my career or the classroom memories with my old friends and teachers that define my human values, the days in college are those I will fondly look back as I'm ageing out.

- Mahesh B Raghunandan, Alumni - 2010
Singer-Song Writer & Professional Musician, Vocal Coach, Web Developer

My time at MS. Ramaiah can be compared to a Marvel movie filled with moments of laughter, awe inspiring and emotional scenes yet leaving you with an everlasting impression that you cannot forget, even if you wanted to. 

This college and its people shaped me in more ways than I can say, be it in making me understand the responsibility of managing a team through our cultural committee to turning me into an extrovert through our speaking contests. I have only wonderful memories of this place all except for one, the memory of leaving such an Esteemed Institution and it's faculty who will forever be cherished! 

This college and its people can and will change you to be a better person. Best wishes to all.

- Rohith Koka, Alumni – 2011

It has been just over a decade since I first stepped into the campus, yet the memory seems so fresh, and in between Fresher’s and Farewell, life happened. 

My teachers, Office Staff, Fellow Classmates have played a major a role in molding me to where I am today. The dedication of the faculty, the love and care they shower upon the students is something that is extremely commendable.

It is my earnest wish and prayer that in the future, as in the past, Ramaiah Institutions and its committed faculty may continue to prepare the students to be good citizens of our country.

- Capt Vaibhav Goutham Suresh, Alumni – 2011
Commercial Pilot, Flight Operations Trainer, Aviation & Management Consultant, IIM-B

College life is a very important part of an individual’s life. We all are at a certain threshold after passing out from school. That is when we have to make important decision regarding the Career, college is a broader platform to understand and prove ourselves. If you are in Ramaiah, your choice is right, no regrets, it had been a knowledgeable 2 years and had fun learning, where extracurricular activities were given importance too, which plays a vital role in one's life apart from studies. I am very happy about the progress made by the Pre-University Department. Special thanks to all my teachers who mentored me to make me who I'm today.

- Chitra Veerabhadra, Alumni – 2011

I proudly tell the world that I studied and belong to one of the most reputed Institutions in the country in terms of its Academics, exposure to Sports, Culture, Co-curricular Activities etc., the Institution has given me everything right from education up to employment. I feel even better to tell that I am currently working in the same Institution as a Lecturer, Dept. of Commerce, where the Institution has evolved me in different roles right from Academics to writing books and various other things.

- Balaji K, Alumni – 2012
Commerce Lecturer in RCPUC, Author of various Taxation and Accounting Books

Firstly, MSRCPUC is not a college, it is a brand. It is unique in its field. Discipline is like in the air of its environment. I am so grateful to be a part of this college. There are so many opportunities to develop one’s personality in any field like cultural, literature and many more. It was very precious and golden phase of my life. The entire faculty and other members of this institution are very cooperative. The teachers were like a backbone for me. You can either be proud of graduating from a prestigious college or you can make your college proud of having prestigious students. Special thanks to entire facility members trained and supported and gave us motivational taught for our studies and future life.

At present I am  working as a Chef and a Lecturer for SJC and Presidency College and also will train for APD students and also as supreme chef of the year by SWI International Awards and member for Indian Federation of Culinary Association and World Chef's Choice  Association Also working as a Celebrity chef for Kannada and Telugu Televisions.

- Navaneeth, Alumni - 2015

The moment I hear about Ramaiah College that I can immediately think of is dedicated Faculty, Student friendly atmosphere and a great in house facility that is up to the mark in every possible way for the student to excel, that was no different in my case as well.

I am a proud Ramaihan and continue to be one.

- Vijwal L, Alumni - 2019
Mr. Bangalore Kishore Runner Up - 2019





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